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The company is organized by 716 research institutes (Jiangsu Automation Research Institute) of China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Group, including intelligent manufacturing equipment, oil and gas exploration equipment, oil and gas storage and transportation equipment, marine engineering equipment, environmental protection equipment and so on. . It is awarded as the high-tech and AAA-credit level enterprises . JARI is located in Lianyungang -- a coastal city in China, more than 400 kilometers away from Shanghai,with branches in Beijing, Shanghai and Qingdao., and offices in Turkey to link Eurasian market.

JARI has a registered capital of 84.4 million Yuan and a total investment of 200 million Yuan. There are 280 staff members in JARI, of whom more than 150 employees have the titles of researcher, intermediate or senior professional posts. A national postdoctoral research station has been set up. After years of development, the company has specialized advantages in the fields of automatic control, precision machinery, embedded software, network communication and new materials, and has four industrial sectors of intelligent equipment, energy equipment, mold machinery and environment friendly materials. JARI's main products are industrial automation equipment (robot applications, automated production lines), oil exploration equipment, offshore engineering equipment, oil and gas storage and transportation equipment, precision plastic extrusion die, and environmental protection and energy conservation materials.

JARI has adopted ISO9001-2008 quality system certification and GB / T24001-GB / T28001 environmental and occupational health and safety management system certification. As a first-class military oriented brand in China, its products are guaranteed by the production processes and quality system for military-use products resisting to harsh environment.

Adhering to CSICs business philosophy of "Making competitive products and boosting principal business" and the service philosophy of No. 716 Institute of "Increasing customers satisfaction and outperforming customers expectations," JARI has been devoted to optimizing product designs and manufacturing standards, as well as dedicated to providing customers with superior products and services. As to innovation, JARI will never satisfy with its achivements or give up technological improvement, and will manage to become a high-tech enerprise of industrial automation equipment and energy equipment, not only domestically leading but also internationally competitive.