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Translation and Interpretation

  • We undertake ARABIC – ENGLISH – URDU normal translation work relating to business correspondences and other commercial and personal materials for the convenience of individuals, businessmen and diplomatic community.
    أعمال الترجمة العادية من و الي المنصوصات العربية و الأنجليزية والأردية المتصلة بالرسائل التجارية وغيرها من المواد التجارية والشخصية من أجل راحة الأفراد ورجال الأعمال والسلك ا لدبلوماسي
  • We provide interpreters' services for meetings with Arab businessmen and visiting delegates.
    توفير خدمات المترجمين لعقد اجتماعات مع رجال الأعمال العرب والوفود الزايرة


Linguistic Development: تدريس اللغات

  • A forum is available at our premises for the learning, enhancement and improvement in the written and spoken ability and skills of students willing to learn other languages including Arabic.


Corporate Training:

  • Besides the routine courses at our premises, customized Arabic language courses can be conducted for professionals, individuals and institutions at their premises, according to their requirements.


Online Training:

  • Training via Skype for 1-on-1 interactive sessions.


Coaching: دروس خصوصية / تقوية

  • Subjects: Arabic, Urdu, Islamiyat/ Islamic Studies.
    • BA & MA (All Universities And Karachi, Federal And Aga Khan Board)
    • A & O Level (Cambridge / Oxford University, UK)
    • Matric & Intermediate (Karachi, Federal And Aga Khan Board)
  • Arabic Language: Beginners To BA & MA



Freelance Arabic, Urdu and English Language Consultant:Translator & Interpreter & Visiting Faculty

He is an excellent teacher !

Meher Zaidi was Mr. Muhammad Obaidullah's client.

Meher Zaidi
Gynecologist, Obsterician & Reproductive Health Specialist at Clifton Hospital

Visiting Faculty For Teaching Arabic Language, Institute Of Business Management/ College Of Business Management (CBM)

I had the privilege of studying Arabic language with Sir Obaidullah and no doubt he is an amazing teacher and an amazing friend. His teaching style is completely unique and really very helpful. Languages are difficult to learn, but he makes learning easier through his way of teaching by adding flavour to teaching.
Without any doubt he is one of those teachers whose classes you never want to miss and you learn through interaction and fun! Thank you sir for being such an amazing teacher!

Ahsan was Muhammad Obaidullah's client

Ahsan Adil Shamsi
Marketing Executive at Credence Independent Advisors

Freelance Arabic, Urdu and English Language Consultant:Translator & Interpreter & Visiting Faculty

'Encourage, teach, instruct, mentor, praise, influence and guide' are the words most suitable for Mr Muhammad Obaidullah as a teacher.
His outstanding and constructive work as a freelance Arabic, English and Urdu translator and consultant is commendable.

Shaista worked with Mr. Muhammad Obaidullah as an independent Arabic, Urdu and English language consultant, translator, interpreter and Visiting Faculty.

Shaista Javaid
President at Karachi Divisional Women's Hockey Association

Freelance Arabic, Urdu and English Language Consultant:Translator & Interpreter & Visiting Faculty

Mr. Muhammad Obaidullah is an expert in his field and a very skilled languages teacher, who has worked for a bank in Saudi Arabia. As such, his Arabic teaching skills are excellent. He is equally good at teaching children and adults.

Mohammed Khalid Ali was Mr. Muhammad Obaidullah's client.

Mohammed Khalid Ali
Chief Executive Officer at Security Leasing Corporation Limited

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Online Training via Skype for 1-on-1 interactive sessions.

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